Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do you ever get to your desk at work and feel like your body is exhausted? Your eyes are barely staying open, you're having a hard time waking up. You feel relaxed but each limb feels like it weighs an extra 50 pounds?

Yep, weight training this early morning. Hopefully I can keep my eyes open at work.

Maybe it was the 20 pounds of blueberries and Marionberries that we picked yesterday (a piece!) or maybe it was cooking 3 batches of jam. But I'm pooped!!!

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Michelle Stiles said...

Mondays are tough for me. I am usually super spent from the weekend and worthless at work. But it is so worth it! Your body just needs sleep and food.... the perfect cure for a worn down body!
Phish! I got super excited to think that you would even consider coming. If you do I would say jump on board! It is a great group of people (some of whom you know) and it is almost impossible to have a bad time at a festival. Sometimes it is just time to cut loose, Halloween is the perfect time!