Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not recommended...

I'm still wincing as I write this.

And I sure hope someone caught what I just did on video.

Typical day. Wake up, feed the dog, put the kettle on, make some coffee, throw together something for lunch. Hit the shower, then roll my pant legs up and get on my neglected yet still rolling rain bike to pedal the 1.5 miles into work.

I know, rough.

I get to cruise down a nice hill, and the thought has crossed my mind more than once - what if my foot comes off or my toes get raked on since I'm wearing flip flops on shimano pedals? There was the one time I cruised down the same hill, on my race bike all kitted up and headed out to do hill repeats when my computer flew off my bike and then got run over by a car before my eyes. Luckily nothing happened there today.

And yes, I wear my helmet. Every single time.

So you can imagine my surprise when I rolled up to the Fremont/34th street interchange, stopped at a red light then start to move forward as the light changed, go to throw two swift strokes into it and BAM! My right foot gets snagged, flip flop goes flying, crotch comes down HARD on the top tube. So hard in fact, I think I just did some permanent damage. I hobble in reverse to grab my slipper, while cars are annoyed I'm in their way and my junk is throbbing so hard it's blinding my vision.

I collect my slipper, put it in first and can't sit down the remaining 1/2 mile to my office. What lesson did I learn? Wearing flip flops on shimano pedals is not very pro.


Joshm said...

As you know I have been there done that, if there is no blood, no harm done :)

Camille A. Mather said...

Sorry about your hoo-haw. Glad you aren't hurt any worse. Ice that baby! Guess Josh is unaware of the greater number of nerve endings we have. When it was his junk, the world stopped ;)

Beetlebetty said...

ouchie... reading this post makes my V hurt. But I did laugh out loud after I read it a second time, picturing you in the way of all the cars trying to keep cool and collect you flop is a very funny mental picture. Hope your V recovers. <3 xoxox