Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The rain hasn't stopped for about 24 hours and everyone I've talked today has at some point commented on it. Ah the beauties of living in the Pacific Northwest. At least the greens are becoming a deeper hue and summer is rapidly approaching.

Tomorrow is the first night of racing for the newbies out at the track for the season and Friday starts the first preseason night of the year. Hopefully the weather clears up so people can get some circles dialed in.

The knee is mending - today I shed the remnants of Tela's blue knee warmers from my scabs. Gross, I know. But an important step in my healing! And I rode the rollers for 20 minutes yesterday without any issues - so today I'm going for a little intensity. I can't wait!

I'm so thankful May is here. Next week I head down to Oregon to do a Rogue River Run and then that following Monday head to O'ahu for a week with the fam-damily. Next thing you know it'll be June!

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