Saturday, April 11, 2009

What gives?

Two crashes in two weekends, both on the final corner of the last lap. As soon as I saw the carnage happen, I sat up and gave up. Same thing happened last week. Both resulting in two people heading to the hospital for serious injuries. It makes me wonder why do I race my bike?


Jacob Venard said...

Word. Recall the same thoughts 2 years ago after 4 consective races were F-ed up by near-miss crashes. Left me quite discouraged.

veloleo said...

Dear JuiceMomma!
Time goes on and we "Best all around Riders" are all looking forward to another year of competition" It is a sad commentary that fellow racers seem to be getting tangled up in crashes and having to go through the pain of recovery. Makes one consider why we do this? At age 67 (racing age this year) should I purchase my racing license or not? I purchased it! Now I have to get the old bod in shape for California championships and Nationals, too! I've been reading your Blog and empathize with your sadness and efforts to cope with the tragedy. Seems like you are getting on with it. I hope you keep riding and training for defense of your National championships. And, I hope to see you in Indianapolis. After all, you are the Best All Around Rider in the whole USA!!! You just have to prove it over and over again. I hope you can get back down here to ride at Hellyer in San Jose. Remember, you always have a place to stay when you get down here!

All the best to you, keep the rubber side down.