Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have some friends who recently sold everything they owned, invested their cash into a pickup truck and trailer and left everything behind to travel to the Nation's national parks. Their goal isn't quite clear - other than they're hoping to stumble upon something great by stepping outside of their comfort zone. Following their story is interesting - and reminds me of all of the road trips I've done in the past. Funny, they're about 8 years older than me, yet I learned some of the lessons of living on the road about a decade ago.

Now I find myself yearning to go on long road trips - to visit the same national parks and live out of a car. Where your expenses revolve around gassing up, eating, and entrance fees. But the experiences you have are priceless. Like getting stuck on the top of the East Buttress of the Middle Cathedral Rock or seeing thousands of dragon flies feed in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Or seeing fire dancers throw flames in Skaha. Or stopping at Castle Rock... or poaching KOA camping in Oregon... or camping on private land on the Methow River... or....

May life be filled with frequent adventures and amazing memories.


Michelle Stiles said...

Oh.... this is great! John and I graduated from WWU, sold most of what we had, refurbished out van and took Natasha on an adventure that lasted over six monthes. It was increadible. It changed my life (for the better). We went where ever we wanted and were only limited by our creativity. Now, almost daily, my thoughts often drift back to this trip and I still am telling stories of our adventures. I think it is so import to take a step back, take in all of our "belongings" let go and free ourselves. It is scary and uncomfortable at first but it eases with time and life is so much more enjoyable.
Dive in! head first! Follow your instincts and enjoy the summer and where ever life takes you after that!

HELL(cat) ON WHEELS said...

HA... I just booked my first official KOA site for tomorrow..on a whim, to do my first official Crit... I'm not ready...not fast enough...and really actually ridiculous....what was I THINKING? Worse, yet I'm dragging another girl along with me...who isn't ready! LOL Geez louise... HELP...any last minute advice?!

But oh to leave it all behind and live on the road... I frequently threaten this to my duly betrothed and he hurriedly says...do NOT get fired! LOL

Jacob Venard said...

Those are priceless experiences. I continue to fantasize about those types of trips, ever more so since my first trip to the Utah desert. With each of these adventures I learn that in my memory, the location become secondary to the enjoyment shared with those on the adventure...and along that thought line, the new adventures that Molly will bring!!!