Monday, December 27, 2004

Training for December 24-31, 2004

F 12/24 Easy 2Hrs. @ 115-130bpm. High leg speed
S 12/25 Group Ride Optional: Weight Day over the weekend
Sn 12/26 Steady 2.5Hrs HR @ 125-135bpm
M 12/27 Rest Day
T 12/28 Sprint Work- Solid warm-up followed by: 4 jumps on the flats, 8 seconds Max. 2min. recovery. Start from a easy rolling pace in 53-19. Then, 2-3 Starts, 53x15 for 12 seconds MAX, 4min. Recovery. Start from a near stop. Remember, your lower body must be warm for these efforts, so take time for adequate warm-up. Total ride time up to 1.5Hrs.
PM: Optional Weights work-out if you feel solid
W 12/29 Swim day. Optional 1Hr @ 135bpm
Th 12/30 Steady 1.5 Hrs. @120-150bpm
F 12/31 Easy Day, short spin would be good


Juicey said...

Went spinning on Friday morning with a 27 degree windchill. My toes were kind of cold when I got home. Rode 1.5 hours. Christmas day cooked with the family. Sunday went skiing at Mt. Baker all day - total of 6 hours. Got heart rate up and enjoyed the powder.

Coach said...

through Christmas time you can't really ask for anything more than that- good work.

Juicey said...

Good ride today. Felt strong on sprinting exercises. Had some technical issues with my fenders but duck tape and zip ties did the trick. Max HR 168 during last sprint. I would like to get together and find out some other sprinting techniques if you have a chance.

Coach said...


Planning on doing sprint work thursday if you can make it- 11am in Ballard. I think it would fall into your training plan OK, so let me know

Also, go ahead and post your daily comments as individual posts, that way they pop up first thing when I check :)