Friday, December 17, 2004

Training for Dec 17-22, 2004

Friday sub 1Hr easy
Saturday Ski or Group ride up to 3hrs. or ski
Sunday Ski or 2 Hrs. @ 120-140bpm strict or ski
Monday sub 1 hr. easy HR ceiling of 120bpm Optional Easy swim
Tuesday 1-1.5 Hrs Easy with 3-4 rolling sprints of 12seconds, 5min recovery between, and only if the legs feel good
Wednesday Tempo Day 1.5Hrs w/ 30min. @ 150-155bpm, feel free to extend the ride if feeling good, up to 2.5hrs.


Coach said...


Ok we are up and rolling. So, the goal is to post on a continuous basis about how your days training went, what you ended up doing and all the important little details. Also, anything else you find important or that you think would be good for me to know and remember. Also, a short weekly summary is always good, reflecting on the load of the week's training.

Have a fun weekend!

Juicey said...

Sounds good. Waking up early in the am and going to try and lift in the morning before our departure. Looking forward to some turns on snow - hopefully we'll get some powder on Monday. Have a good weekend yourself.

Juicey said...

The snow - well, was non-existant. We skied on blue ice as a matter of fact. And tele skiing doesn't fare well on ice - luckily we avoided any injuries. The weekend was full of laughter and swimming - but not much skiing. It was nice to have a holiday - although I would have preferred some snow. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and getting my blood pumping again. I managed to eat well and not gorge myself with any of the resort temptations.

Juicey said...

Weight trained earlier in the day for an hour and a half. Increased weights by 5 lbs for core exercises. Felt good during session.

Went to Computrainer night and pedaled for an hour or so. Felt strong and was more aware of my zones than before. When do we do another LT test to see any progression?

Going for a ride this afternoon - hopefully the weather will cooperate.