Saturday, April 06, 2013

The power of YES.

Last day, best day.

Greetings from beautiful and sunny Chula, Vista, California. It's the last day of a week long para-cycling camp where I've been piloting a tandem bicycle with my blind partner in crime, Shawn. Together we've powered up and glided down the steep hills surrounding the Olympic Training Center. And I'm happy to report, we've made some serious gains: gains in fitness, gains in time trial times, gains in communication and figuring out what we need to do as a team on our journey to world domination. I repeat, world domination.

Shawn (who is 100% visually impaired) getting instruction on throwing the hammer from Olympic Hammer thrower Brittany Henry.  "People always tell me the things I can't do. I always show them the things that I can." 

Today is our last day of camp. Our last day of combined hard work, pushing and pulling our legs up the Honey Springs hill as quick as we can with various power surges to push our bodies beyond what's comfortable and then settling back into the slightly uncomfortable. Only to repeat the effort a few minutes later. And repeat again, and again and again.

Would I trade this for anything? No way. I'll take every minute of discomfort, every second of pain, every ounce of struggle. And Shawn does too. That's required. Especially on a tandem. Our motives must synch up and our efforts must be in harmony. We must strike the perfect balance between both of our roles, one where we both have our strengths and weaknesses. Together we create a unique blend of feminine power, ready to conquer the world. And we laugh, a lot.

I woke up excited to go uphill. Yes, excited. Dreading hills is now part of my past. Today is a new day and a new opportunity to give it my full self. And I'm thankful for each and every day I get to do that. In many ways, it's a true celebration of being in the now and living in the moment. And to be honest, that's how I want to live me life, everyday, in the now.

I'm able to dig deeper on the tandem. Knowing Shawn is counting on me giving it 100% and counting on me to be on the top of my game every effort enables me to tap into that pain cave that much harder. I banish negative thoughts as soon as they arrive, focusing on the now and the yes, I can!

YES WE CAN push a tandem bike up hill quickly and efficiently.

YES I CAN push through the pain cave that much longer, that much harder.

YES WE CAN  because my partner can too.

YES I AM strong, powerful and confident.



I discovered that the more you can enter yes's into an equation, any equation for that matter, the more you can. The more you focus on the positive and what you can do, the more doors open up. The Universe responds and grants you more access to what you can do. And often it reveals more than what you first thought possible. Just think of what opens up to you if you practice this often, let alone everyday. Yes we can win. Yes, we will win.

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Sarah Kopf said...

As a cyclist, I appreciate this post SO MUCH! And how incredible is that?! Her being out there with you when people HAD to tell her it would never happen... That's incredible! You're perception changers! I love it! Push those boundaries, ladies! YOUR OWN and those of OTHERS! :)