Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Three years.

The time has flown by, and at other times come to a complete stand still.

It seems like I found out just yesterday, yet ions ago.

And I get teary eyed and sad at times but know it's better to have known love then not at all.


Anonymous said...

Ryan was a goodass man. Thinkin about ya both...

Take care,
Nick (of Emily and Nick)

parallel said...

His "hummingbird" has been popping in and out of my mind a lot more than usual the past couple weeks. Even in my sleep now. Tenacious SOB.

Take care and best of fortunes to you on your new life in the Rockies. Will send be sending blessings to you both from the Methow this Sunday.

All the best, pw

Cameron Charles said...

I was thinking about Ryan on Saturday at Starcrossed, they were playing some song over the sound system that has a line "Like a Japanese Cowboy, like a brother on skates, like..." and I remember how he would play that song on the way to exit 32 in the VW bus and burst out laughing everytime that chorus came around. Too funny! I had a huge grin at starcrossed everytime that line came over the PA. Here's too Ryan, it feels like just yesterday that the little man was doling out bear hugs and cursing a blue streak after falling off his project at Si.