Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wow - 2010.

10 years ago I was in Bellingham graduating from Western. 2000
9 years ago I married Ryan and he graduated from WWU. 2001
8 years ago we quit our jobs and traveled through Europe and moved to Seattle. 2002
7 years ago I worked in Bellevue and sold flooring on the Internet. 2003
6 years ago I started commuting to work by bike and doing STP. Coleman was born! 2004
5 years ago I quit my job and started riding full time and pursued my dreams. 2005
4 years ago I rode my bike well over 10,000 miles in a year. 2006
3 years ago we bought a cabin in Mazama. Laurel was born! 2007
2 years ago my world came to an abrupt halt when Ryan died. 2008
1 year ago I rebuilt my shattered life and cried a lot. 2009

My goodness it does seem that life speeds up as you get older. The ups, the downs, the ins and outs. Life just keeps on going.

And just a quick little reminder of the good times - this photo was taken in Mazama that first winter we had the cabin. I think of Ryan every time I skate Jack's loop out to proposal point (so named from Laura and Dale) and stop to stare at Goat Wall.


jaime said...

What a wonderful picture of Ryan. Love that smile. Thinking of you and it was nice to hear you laugh, while playing some ping pong with your brother!!

Michelle Stiles said...

What a great smile. That makes me smile.

Michele said...

Jen you are an amazing person and an inspiration! I though of you and Ryan when I stopped to take in the view (and a few breaths) on Jack's Trail last week. Truly a beautiful spot, I am glad that you have memories of the good times you shared there. He looks so happy in the picture.

Cameron Charles said...

Man do I ever miss that guy! Thanks for the great photo.